Grants and Awards

SPOF and the organizers of AOP2022 conference will do their best to support the participation at AOP2022 of students and young researchers from economically deprived regions.


  • SPIE’ Best Student Paper Award *
  • EOS’ Best Student Oral Presentation Award **
  • EOS’ Best Student Poster Presentation Award **
  • SENSORS’ (MDPI journal) Best Talk Award ***
  • Best PhD Thesis in Optics and Photonics in Portugal in 2019 ****
  • Best PhD Thesis in Optics and Photonics in Portugal in 2020 *****
  • Best PhD Thesis in Optics and Photonics in Portugal in 2021 ******

* awarded by SPIE1

1st prize:
Methods of optical fibre probes machining for holographic micro-endoscopy, Miroslav Stibůrek, Institute of Scientific Instrument of the CAS, Czech Republic

2nd prize:
Reservoir computing with nonlinear optical media, Tiago David da Silva Ferreira, University of Porto, Portugal

3rd prize:
Hyperspectral Colorimetry of in-vivo dental structures, María de la Natividad Tejada Casado, University of Granada, Spain

** awarded by EOS, the European Optical Society, each for an amount of 200 €.

EOS best student oral poster presentation award: Orlando de Sousa Lima Júnior, University of Minho, “Thermochromism applied to Transportation Engineering: asphalt roads and paints”

EOS best student poster presentation award: Diana I. Meira, University of Minho, “Development of plasmonic thin films for new biodetection approaches”

*** awarded by MDPI journal “Sensors” on an amount of 500 €.

Best Talk Award, Paulo Sérgio Soares dos Santos, INESC-Tec, "Strongly coupled plasmonic systems on optical fiber sensors"

**** awarded by SPOF. Prize winner - Vanessa Cunha Duarte, with the thesis "Microwave photonics beamforming for satellite radio communication links", University of Aveiro.

***** awarded by SPOF. Prize winner - Mário Galletti, with the thesis "High contrast front-end for a petawatt laser system designed for electron acceleration & High intensity laser-matter applications towards advanced compact particle accelerators", University of Lisbon.

****** awarded by SPOF. Prize winner 2021- André Gomes, with the thesis "Advanced fiber sensing technologies using microstructures and Vernier effect", University of Porto.

1 SPIE-sponsored Best Student Paper Awards are designed to encourage and acknowledge excellence in student papers, presented orally or as posters. SPIE has agreed to offer the following prizes for each winning student in the total amount of 413.67€ (500USD):

  • Certificate
  • Monetary prize
  • Free Digital Library downloads
  • Free one-year SPIE Student Membership.
  • 1st - 207€ (~US $250), 25 Digital Library downloads
    2nd - 124€ (~US $150), 25 Digital Library downloads
    3rd – 83€ (~US $100), 25 Digital Library downloads